eOasia is an online booking platform selling travel activities in Asia. It offers a large variety of tours and activities in Asia through its own website eOasia.com. eOasia is not an operator but is only a booking platform connecting online customers with operators in the travel industry in Asia.

Purchases made through eOasia.com are subject to the below Terms & Conditions. Therefore, the person making the booking shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms & Conditions on behalf of the person named in the booking. By accepting, this person agrees to be legally bound by the Terms & Conditions. Because of their legal implications, please make sure you read carefully our Terms & Conditions before you make any purchases through our website.

These are the terms of your contract and apply to all bookings online.

The website is protected by copyright and trademark and eOasia Terms and Conditions apply under the law of Singapore's authorities.

Company information

Company name EHOH ASIA Pte. Ltd
Company Address 25 International Business Park #02-53 German Centre, Singapore 609916
Company registration number 201135686W

Definition of Key terms

1. Eligibility to publish an activity

  1. Persons under the age of 18 are not eligible to use any services on our site.
  2. The activity you propose must have tourism attractiveness and cannot fall in the prohibited categories listed in 2.1.
  3. If you are a company, you must be an official company in the country where you operate your activities and services.
  4. If you are an individual, you must fulfill the law of the country where you operate your activities and services. Therefore, before posting any activities on eOasia website, please make sure you have the right in your country to propose a tourism activity as an individual. This is the case especially for touristic guides who could need a special license in some countries. If you are a non-national tour guide, make sure you that fulfill the law of the country you are living in and operating your activities and services. eOasia does not assume any responsibility if you do not fulfill the law of the country where you are operating your activities or services.
  5. If you do not fulfill the law of your country or our guidelines, eOasia reserves the right to remove your offer from the website.

2. Activities

  1. Only touristic activities are allowed on eOasia website such as:
    Guided tours, Meet the locals, Cooking class, Trekking, Cycling & Outdoor, Diving, Snorkeling & Waters Activities, Rafting, Kayak & River Activities, Sport & Adrenaline Activities, Animals & Wildlife Watching, Cruise & Boat Tours, Massage, Spa & Wellness, Responsible Tourism, Motorsports, Helicopter, Plane & Air Activities, Show, Performance & Ticketing, Dining & Nightlife, Original & Unusual, Romantic Activities, Airport Transfer, Private Transportation, Fishing, Canyoning, Workshop, Golf.
    Certain activities are totally prohibited by eOasia such as all illegal activities in the country where you operate your activities and services, prostitution, child abuse, pornography, drug use, excessive violence and which may expose eOasia or its users to harm or liability of any type.
  2. eOasia offers direct publishing on its website: your activity is published online immediately after registering. However, eOasia keeps the right to change the content of your Activity or to remove it from the website if it does not fulfill our Terms & Conditions. eOasia will contact you in case you need to make major changes; minor changes such as typography error, syntax mistakes, translation, title) will be done directly by eOasia without necessary advising you.

3. Transportation

  1. Suppliers must follow safety and code regulations of their country.
  2. You need to make sure that you fill in accurate contact details in order to avoid any inconvenience for eOasia or its clients when contacting you. You should provide a valid phone number and edit it if it comes to change.
  3. The service provider main contact needs to make sure that all client contact details are communicated to the person in charge of the activity and to the driver for the service. eOasia is not responsible for any misunderstanding about the pick-up time or meeting point; the supplier must make sure that the person in charge of the activity and the driver for the service are correctly briefed before the activity date. The service provider is responsible for clarifying these items with them prior to the activity.
  4. The service provider must try to respect the means of transport (type of vehicle) indicated in the activity details, or if not available, provide similar means of transport with a similar minimum number of seats.

4. Pricing

  1. eOasia service is free: publishing your activity through our website is free of charge.
  2. eOasia enables you to set your own price for your activities. However, the price featured online must be consistent: it must be either the same as the one proposed in your agency, in the main sale channel or inferior. We do not accept higher prices and may remove your publication from our website if you do not revise your prices accordingly.
  3. You may choose to offer discounts on certain periods. You decide your own discount policy. You decide your availability.
  4. You set your prices in your own currency, and they will be automatically converted into the main global currencies at the daily rate for clients. Even though, payment will be processed in some currencies supported by PayPal.
  5. If your activity is suitable for kids, you must determine what the kid age range for your activity is and indicate the price for kids.

5. Payments

  1. All payments are done through PayPal; you must have a PayPal Account to receive payments from eOasia and if you do not have one, you must open a PayPal account in order to receive your payments.
  2. Payments to operators are processed in USD and in some currencies supported by PayPal on your PayPal Account, using the exchange rates from PayPal.
  3. Payments will be net of eOasia commission.
  4. You are subject to PayPal conditions. PayPal might charge you additional fees to receive your money.
  5. Payment process starts after the activity has been carried out: at the end of the activity, you will receive an auto-generated email asking you to validate if the activity has been carried out or not; once you approved, it will take 7 calendar days after reception of the auto-generated email confirmation to get your PayPal account credited accordingly.
  6. Under certain conditions (bank transfer fees…), payments could be done directly by bank transfer in certain countries. Contact eOasia management at support@eoasia.com for more information.

6. Change, cancellation and weather policies

  1. The cancellation policy is the one you chose: either no refund or 100% refund when cancellation occurs at least 48h, 7 days, 15 days or 30 days before the activity date.
  2. The change policy varies according to the one you chose: either no possibility for change or a change possibility when clients ask at least 24h, 48h, 7 days, 14 days before the activity date.
  3. If clients ask for a change that cannot be satisfied, the booking may be cancelled.
  4. If clients do not show up, you have to inform us maximum 24 hours after the theoretical start time of the activity in order to get paid.
  5. You are solely responsible for honoring any confirmed booking.
  6. The weather policy varies according to the one you chose; either “Refund in case of bad weather”, “Change activity date in case of bad weather”, “Refund or change activity date in case of bad weather”, “No refund in case of bad weather”, “Program may be changed in case of bad weather”, or “Activity not impacted in case of bad weather”.

7. General booking conditions

  1. You must indicate your response time when publishing an activity (immediately, within a few hours, within 24 hours, within 48 hours). It corresponds to the maximum time it takes you to accept or refuse a booking request; booking process is done by e-mail only, and is automatically generated. To accept or refuse a booking request, you will have to click on the link accordingly, inside your booking request auto-generated e-mail.
  2. You are the one who sets the minimum time required which may vary between 18 h and 30 days before the activity starts. It is the minimum time between the booking and the beginning of the activity.
  3. In any case you will be required to either accept or reject bookings within your response time otherwise they will be automatically cancelled.


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8. Insurance

  1. We advise our suppliers to hold appropriate and valid insurances to cover their clients and the liabilities that could be incurred by the activities.

9. Certification and Licences

  1. We advise our supplier to hold appropriate and valid certifications and licenses and to mention it in the "Practical Information" section of their activity profile.

10. Service providers

  1. We may employ third party companies such as Google map API, Google calculator API to facilitate our service. These third parties may have access to your personal information; if they do, this access is only so for them to be able to perform their respective tasks on our behalf. They are obligated not to disclose or use your information for any other purpose. In case of any errors generated by those third party companies, eOasia does not take any responsibility.

    For more info please visit:

11. Customer Review Policy

  1. Refer to our “Review policy”.

12. Liability

  1. You agree that your use of the website eOasia.com is at your own risk.
  2. eOasia assumes no liability or responsibility in any kind such as errors/mistakes in content, personal injuries/property damages of any nature whatsoever, obligations, losses, costs or debts occurring during the activity.
  3. eOasia does not take any responsibility in any unusual events such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and defects in any vehicles causing an accident, riots or other causes beyond his control.
  4. Clients will need to show either a paper or an electronic version of the voucher on the day of the activity, to the supplier as a proof of purchase.

13. Copyright

  1. All the content (text, pictures, reviews) you post through eOasia.com remains your property. However if you want to use clients' reviews posted on your profile, you must be given a written authorization by eOasia.
  2. eOasia has the right to use all the content you posted online, for any commercial purposes.
  3. You remain the sole responsible for what you have posted. You are also responsible for managing and updating the content of your activities, which you can access through your "Supplier Space".

14. Your online content & practical information

  1. eOasia enables you to be visible online through the section "Publish an Activity", where you can feature your activity on eOasia.com, thanks to a step-by-step publishing process.
  2. After your first registration, you will be given access to a private space, accessible on eOasia.com, called "My Supplier Space" which enables you to manage your content directly online; once your first activity is published, an auto-generated e-mail is sent to the email account indicated during the registration with a password for you to use to log in to your own "Supplier Space."
  3. In order to boost your visibility online, you may use the "My clients Opinion" tool with you own customers. An auto-generated e-mail will be sent to your clients on your behalf, proposing them to leave a review on your activity page and to rank it, and to upload pictures. Reviews, ranking and customer pictures will then appear on eOasia.com website, inside your activity profile.
  4. You are responsible for all the content you post through your supplier profile. The description of your activity has to reflect your vision and respect EOasia codes terms and conditions.
    1. You are asked to describe your activity in details when publishing an activity; all fields must be filled in and all your content must be accurate, legible, not ambiguous, not equivocal, and cannot present any false information in any ways.
    2. The contact details (company name, lead contact, name of the person in charge of the activity, email, telephone, address) you provide must be accurate. These emails and phone numbers must be usable at any time, by eOasia and by Clients. You are responsible for managing your content available on eOasia.com, and this means updating your contact details inside your "Supplier Space."
    3. You are responsible for warning clients if your activity is suitable for kids or not and suitable for seniors or not. You will set your own Kid Age Range but seniors are by definition all persons 50 years old and above.
    4. You must indicate which language you can communicate with the clients in the most honest way, in order to be accurate:
      1. If you cannot speak the language: choose NO level;
      2. If you know just a few basic words such as "Thank you", "Good bye", "Water": choose “A FEW WORDS” level;
      3. If you can hold a simple conversation about simple subjects: choose “A SIMPLE CONVERSATION” level;
      4. If you speak fluently the language, which means you can easily discuss and exchange with clients: choose “FLUENT” level.
    5. You may upload pictures to feature your activities to make it more attractive.
    6. You must indicate the starting time of your activities; this starting time corresponds to either the time at which you need to pick the clients to transfer them to the activity location, or if no transfer included, to the real starting time of the activity, from meeting location point.
      1. If the starting time of your activity is not flexible: you set one single starting time during "Publish an Activity" process.
      2. If the starting time of your activity is flexible: you set either open choice for the clients or a choice between a limited number of different starting times possible. They will then indicate their preferred starting time during booking process.
  5. You must indicate the meeting location for customers to be able to meet you in case you do not provide transfer service. In the case of you providing the transfer you may indicate clearly in your activity description the pick up points (area, hotel, airport, pier…) that are included in your transfer service network so customers can chose their pick up locations in the booking process.

15. Activity termination

  1. eOasia reserves the right to cancel or remove any activity from their database if you do not fulfill our Terms and Conditions guidelines or for any other reasons, at any time.
  2. You may decide to remove your activity from our website, to be done through your "Supplier Space".
  3. All active bookings related to deleted activities will be cancelled automatically and clients will be 100% refunded.

16. Contact

  1. If you have any questions about those Terms & Conditions please contact us at support@eoasia.com.